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Hello, I'm Alice, a freelance artist. I came back into drawing in June 2020 after a 10 years hiatus and currently specialize in Emotes.
I'm mostly active on Twitter.
Sometimes I post packs and free emotes on my Ko-Fi.Make sure to read my ToS & F.A.Q. to clear any doubts you might have!

Terms of Service & F.A.Q.

By commissioning me, you agree to all the Terms of Service listed below.
For any inquiry, feel free to contact me on Twitter, Discord or E-Mail.
For Prices, please reffer to Prices

I WILL DRAW✦ Kemonomimi
✦ Some animals
✦ OCs & Fanart
✦ Blood/Spooky stuff
✦ Basic Backgrounds

✦ Babies
✦ Naked Characters
✦ Extremelly Detailed Gore
✦ Heavy Armor/Mecha
✦ Furry
✦ Imitate other people's style
✦ Detailed Backgrounds

topT.O.S. I reserve the right to decline any commission that makes me uncomfortable or if I feel its too complex for me at this moment. I take commissions as they first come but if some batchs are too huge I will work on them from smaller to bigest. Due to the nature of the product, I wouldn't accept refunds once you get the finished piece. If you decide to cancel an order and you already got sketches/lineart peeks, you are not allowed to use/publish them in any way.PAYMENT Payment will be in USD through PayPal Invoice ONLY. I will send an Invoice once the commission is finished and you are happy with it.COPYRIGHT I'm allowed to display my work to promote myself after you use/announce it first unless stated otherwise. In case you want me to keep my work unpublished on my media even after you published it first you MUST clarify it before I send an Invoice and price will be doubled. You can't edit, modify or trace the artwork without my permission. Please reffer to "Credits" for animating my emotes. You can use any of my commissions on Twitch, Discord, Twitter, YouTube and any social media. You can't sell merchandise of these without asking me first with the exclussion of Emotes. Aside of merchandise, you can't resell any of my work as it is without my given permisson. (I.E.: VTuber Packs where one of my commissions could be part of them)CREDITS Emotes can be used as merchandise as long as you give me proper credits ("Credits to the Artist" doesn't count as proper credits). Since I don't have my Animated Emotes commissions open because I want to practice first, you can commission another person to animate them but you should credit both artists for better clarity in case of crediting. Aside of the points stated above, credits are optional but highly appreciated. For a small guide on how to add Emote Attribution and Artist Badge on Twitch, please refer to the end of this page.REGARDING .PSDsI will give you a more organized PSD if you ask for it, otherwise it will not come included. Please keep in mind that it might take a little to organize it sometimes.All my art is currently made in Paint Tool SAI and I might move to CSP in the future or mix both of these. Certain programs like GIMP might have trouble reading the PSDs due to clipping issues or not being able to read Multiply layers correctly, etc.
Organizing the PSD for other programs that I don't use would end up in adding a lot of work, time and likely ending up with the art looking way different than the finished product and because of such I will not do that.
Please, if you wish to use my .PSD, first make sure the program you are using is compatible or find an alternative. An example would be Photoshopea, a free browser program. You can find more alternatives in this tweet made by Bumfluffski.

F.A.Q.When are you opening a slot?
I'm always accepting commissions but I decided to grab in batchs of 5 clients everytime to avoid too much stress that could hurt my hand and also give a faster delivery.
I open slots everytime I finish a batch! I always announce a new opening through Twitter and my Discord server 2 days prior to it. (Sometimes I might accept more than 5 if a batch consist on small commissions)
How's the process of commissioning you?
I accept a slot as they first come, but will work from smaller to bigger in case there are too many big requests and just a few smaller.
Once your slot gets accepted, I will notify you when I start with it. After that, I will send you a preview for Sketch -> Lineart -> Color
This is a list of what changes you can ask through that:
Sketch: Any Change (Pose, Clothes, etc)
Lineart: Add/Remove small details
Color: Only color corrections/change.
Once you are okay with the finished piece, I will send an Invoice to your e-mail. Once it's payed I will send you a .rar file with your commission through e-mail and Discord.Do you accept deadlines?
Yes, but you MUST notify this to me first and be CLEAR about it with a date.
What's your estimated time?
It depends on how long a batch and waitlist its and the complexity of the commissions.
For an estimated, an average emote takes me around 6hs to fully complete it at the moment. Again: It depends on complexity.
Do you stream your commissions?
I might stream them on Twitch if a client give me their permission.
━━━━━━━━━━꒰ঌ ♡ ໒꒱━━━━━━━━━━(TWITCH) ADD EMOTE ATTRIBUTION AND ARTIST BADGEIt will be of great help if you grant me Emote Attribution and Artist Badge on twitch, I will appreciate it a lot.
Emote Attribution and Artist Badge are two separate things and you have to set them up separately as well. One will credit the emote itself and the other will grant the artist a badge in your channel. Both are very important but Emote Attribution has no limit so please, always credit your emote artists!!
TO ADD EMOTE ATTRIBUTIONClick your Twitch Icon at the top right -> Creator Dashboard -> (Left Column) Viewer Rewards -> EmotesYou'll see all your active and unactive emotes in the column at the right. Simply click the emote you want to add attribution to and a new window will pop up at the bottom right. Type my Twitch channel (IntonerAlice) in the box and click my profile. If it's the first time you do it, I will need to manually accept the request (This is a security method to avoid false crediting for art I didn't made). I can accept all emotes at once, so don't worry on adding many at the sime time, it will never bother me.TO ADD ARTIST BADGE:Click your Twitch Icon at the top right -> Creator Dashboard -> (Left Column) Community -> Roles ManagerLook at the top right of the page and click on "Add New". A new option will pop up. Simply type my Twitch channel (IntonerAlice) in the box and click my profile. Now you'll be able to choose many options, click on the Artist one. Artist Badge will not interrupt with Mod Badges or (I believe) VIP badges.Previous Update: 04.13.2022
Last Update: 5.19.2022

THIS SECTION IS STILL A BIG W.I.P.ー❤︎ーFOR FF XIV COMMISSIONSThere's this tweet made by Sei (@banana_qote) that gives a great tutorial on how to take good references of your character in Final Fantasy XIV.
As a side note, clarify their skin tone would be insanely helpful to me since FF light can be a little weird at times and sometimes skin can look darker or lighter than its actually intended. Screenshoting their skin color swatch from the character creation screen helps too! (Thanks to Cathelios for this idea!)


Once I finish the current batch I'm working in, I will take a much needed break and come back with newer prices and probably a new tier of emotes that will probably keep around the same price as now. I will also make new free content for Ko-Fi.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦EMOTES✦ Each Emote: $12 USD✦ ✦ ✦ ✦PACKS✦ 3x $35 USD
✦ 5x $45 USD
✦ 10x $85 USD
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦CONTENT
448px + Twitch Sizes - 300 DPI - Merchandise allowed with credit
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦CHIBIS✦ Single Character: $45 USD✦ ✦ ✦ ✦EXTRAS✦ Extra Character: +$15 USD
✦ Complexity: +$10 USD
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦CONTENT1000x1000 px - 300 DPI - Transparent/Simple Background - Commercial use allowed✦ ✦ ✦ ✦


COMMISSION MEOnce you read my ToS & F.A.Q you can commission me filling the form linked below.✦ ✦ ✦ ✦COMMISSIONS CURRENTLY CLOSEDWAITLIST + STATUS✦ ✦ ✦ ✦Waitlist opens every time I finish a batch unless I'm taking a break. Remember to tell me in advance if you need your commission for a specific date.Please avoid asking me constantly for progress, you can check the status for the entire batch and waitlist in here (Waitlist). I will show every progress as soon as it is ready and will notify in case there's a delay.I preffer Discord to keep communicating but I'm also okay with Twitter and E-mail.QUESTIONSFor any inquiry you can contact me through Twitter, Discord or Email. Twitter
Discord Server
[email protected]
I will not accept friend requests on Discord anymore. If you have any question regarding my commissions feel free to use any method listed above!COMMISSION ALERTSFor Commission alerts you can join to my Discord Server and ping me to add you the role of @Commission on #Casual or #Art. (Will add a Role Bot soon). I will announce in both Discord and Twitter 2 days prior to opening a form.

Progress & Waitlist

Commission's progress chart.✦ Progress only calculates current status and not the whole piece.
✦ I will send previews every 50% or 100%
✦ Order for the different status it's as follows:
Sketch ⊹ Lineart ⊹ Color

Please check my Discord for alerts about commissions or my Twitter for news.
Thanks for understanding!! There's a bunch of stuff I need to finish and my hands need some rest.

Working on

TheFallingLotusEmote x1Finished-
Saber0307Emotes x5Finished-
SomethingXOEmotes x10Finished-
ChiiEmotes x5Finished-
dragonjellieChibi x1Finished-
CatheliosEmotes x6 + 1 ChibiLineart35%
thunderbosomEmotes x13Lineart50%

Waitlist (Closed)

✦ Currently not accepting a waitlist. Will re-open after a break (please read above) ✦